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Water Is Life – Don’t Forget To Drink Up!

Do you know that almost 10% of the global population faces insomnia, which qualifies as a medical condition? Also, among multiple other causes, the lack of hydration is a significant reason behind this medical issue. Hydration and sleep are correlated. Having said that, how does a water drink reminder app help improve your sleep quality? This post will detail it for you!

As you scroll down this post, you will get an idea about the importance of an app for drinking water reminder and the multiple features it brings to track your timely water intake. Let us explore the details –

What is the link between sleep and hydration levels?

Not many people are aware of it, but a lack of optimum hydration can result in a disrupted sleep cycle. As you know, hydration has an important role in regulating the functions of the body and managing bodily fluids. Even when you sleep, the water stored within the body carries out these functions.

However, dehydration directly affects the body’s hormonal level (specifically melatonin) and does not let you get a night of consistent sleep. Therefore, you require a water drink reminder app to ensure you have consumed the correct amount of water.

From parched throat, to dry mouth to leg cramps – lack of hydration directly affects your sleep. Drinking the optimal amount of water while you are awake will benefit you while you sleep.

water drink reminder app

How can a water drink reminder app help in hydration?

Let us outline the range of benefits for you –

1. This app regulates the circadian rhythms


With a proper water reminder app, you can receive adequate hydration and regulation of your circadian rhythms. With that optimized, the quality of your sleep will improve, and it will support the restoration of your body’s organs.

2. Reduces the symptoms of sleep disruption

Dry mouth, parched throats, and headaches can affect your sleep quality massively. But if your body is functioning well (thanks to your consumption of appropriate water), then such symptoms reduce drastically.

With this best water reminders app, you will be notified ‘on time’ to drink ‘a certain amount’ of water and mark it out. In this way, you can reach your target amount (total amount of water you drink per day), and these untoward symptoms regarding your sleep will reduce drastically.

3. Manages body temperature

One of the most significant benefits of staying hydrated is – water manages your body temperature to the utmost level. With this water drink reminders app constantly prompting you to drink water at specified hours, your body’s water level will be maintained. In the long run, the water will regulate your temperature, make it suitable to induce sleep naturally, and thereby heal your body from within.

4. Helps you stay refreshed

It is no secret that when you have a restorative night of sleep, your body and mind both are well refreshed. Hence, you will be able to function in a better way, and surely achieve the tasks given to you. The regular prompts from the app for drinking water reminder, will assuredly keep your body at its best!

What makes it the best water reminder app?

The key reasons that make this water drink reminder app one of the best are –

1. Its set timers

Amongst the multiple benefits that an app for drinking water brings forth for its users is the fact that it has set timers.

The Hydration Level page will showcase the total amount of water you have been drinking throughout the day. You must tap your total water intake at a time and mark it on the app. At the end of the day, the app will mark out your water intake throughout the day.

The Statistics page highlights your total water consumption over a specified period. This will show – your total water consumption over (3-6 months) and help you to alter your requirements accordingly.

2. Tailor the app according to your needs

Apart from the data fed into this app, you can tailor the timings of this app according to your choice. Set the alarms according to your requirements – standard/custom/interval settings. You can time your water drinking with your diet, medicine, or regular food habits. This way, you will not miss out on your hydration mark, and that will automatically enhance your sleep quality.

3. Data available for all body types

Once you download this water drink reminders app and fill in the required details, you will get an ideal water drinking mark set by the app according to your body type. Whatever your body’s hydration requirements, this app will help you fulfil them.

4. Easy to download and use

You can download this app from the Google PlayStore on your Android. It is also available for use on Apple Smartwatches and phones. Download it and set the details to use it to ease dehydration and gain proper sleep.

water drink reminders app

Ways to avoid dehydration at night

By now, you have understood how the best water reminder app can assist you in managing your hydration requirements. Here are some of the most opted techniques for avoiding dehydration at night –

1. You must drink water throughout the day

Drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day to stop feeling parched at night. Set the timer of your app, and keep hydrating yourself at set hours. This way, the body will have ample water while sleeping and will not disrupt your schedule.

2. Build a proper sleep cycle

To induce sleep, your body must be set to a specific sleep cycle. To avoid dehydration at night, you must build a relaxing bedtime schedule, and fix your sleeping hours. Meditating, listening to calming music, and reading books before going to sleep are great ways to set a cycle, that will assist you in avoiding dehydration at night.

3. Ensure your room is set to induce sleep

The last thing to note is – to prepare your room in a way that induces sleep. Keep your bedroom clutter-free, and tone down the lights of the room. Also, draw your curtains and make sure that the temperature is within 20-25 degrees C. All these conditions must be met to ensure a restorative sleep session.

Parting thoughts

Assuming you have read this post well, you now understand how hydration is connected to good sleep and how a water drink reminder app can assist you in getting better sleep quality. We sincerely hope this post sheds light on certain key aspects and that you will have a better lifestyle once you kickstart your routine with the help of this app.

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