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Track water intake at every swipe.

Stay Hydrated With Our New Water Drinking App.

Sync Your Water Intake With The Water Drinking Reminder App!

Your ultimate app for drinking water reminder! We count your sips and give you hydrating suggestions. You too, can tailor your hydration demands and set the timer as per your choice. Daily water tracker reminder will ping you on time!

Set Time of Your Water Intake With Daily Water Tracker Reminder App: Your Absolute Water Drink Reminder App!

How much water can you drink in one go? Pick our standard chart, and match your needs. Else, set your bar! Time your water intake, set the metric, and mark the intervals, for your hydration journey. 


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Most frequently asked questions by users

To download this water drinking app, you have to visit the Google PlayStore/Apple store. From there, follow the instructions and install the app on your phone. This app is suited for both Android platforms and Smartwatches.

Absolutely! This app for drinking water reminder allows you to change or modify your specific details as per your wish. Initially, the app will ask for your essential data like – gender, weight, and age. Once you put that in, the app will set your goals accordingly. If you change your goal, you can also change the specifics of the same.

For those who wish to check your hydration level, visit the Hydration Level page. During the process of drinking water, tap the amount of water you are drinking throughout the day. In the course of the day, you have to fill in the total amount. Once you have reached the goal, the hydration page will update you on that.

You can assuredly customize the glasses of water you drink. Go to the settings page, and from there, set your goals. Tap the glasses and change your preference levels.

You can check the Statistics page of this water drinking app. That will give you an idea about – how much water you have been drinking (monthly, weekly, and daily). Based on that, you can either set your goals or even change your diet routine.

You can customize the reminder settings of this water reminder app as per your requirements. While the Standard Reminder settings will help you remember to drink water at regular intervals, the Interval settings will assist you in maintaining a gap between your water intake. Finally, the Custom reminder settings will help you set your target.

This app to track water intake calculates the total amount of water you must drink based on – your set activity levels. What kind of life do you have? Sedentary, moderate, lightly or very active? Choose the correct type and put in the data. The app will set the water intake goal for you.

You can delete the incorrect data from this water reminder app, by visiting the History section. Either choose the specific data or opt to delete all of the data.

The primary reason why you are not getting reminders from the water reminder app is because you have reached your daily water goals or your notifications have been set off. Also, perhaps your settings are not attuned to give you daily goals. Change the settings. 

As per multiple medical recommendations, men are supposed to drink 3.7 litres, while females are supposed to drink 2.7 litres daily.

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