H2-Oh Yeah! Stay On Top Of Your Hydration Game

Would you believe if anyone told you that the key to an enhanced performance was – water? Surprised, right? As surprised as you may be, the correct water intake can lead to higher productivity and improved cognitive ability. Here, the magic of the water drinking app comes to the forefront. It helps build a water consumption routine for you and creates a long-lasting hydration habit in the long run.

In this post, we will outline the scientific connection between staying hydrated and improved work performance. Added to that, we will also bring to you certain vital features of this app to ensure you can use it with ease! Stay tuned to check out the specifics –

How does dehydration affect your performance at work?

There are multiple ways by which dehydration affects your performance levels at work. Let us bring to you some of the most noted symptoms of it –

1. Low energy levels throughout the day

Those of you who are dehydrated will have minimal to low energy levels throughout the day. This is primarily because the correct water balance in the body helps to deliver electrolytes from one part of the body to another, thereby helping maintain energy levels in the body and function for a long stretch. So, every time you have a long and tough workday ahead, ensure you take a sip once in a while to peak your energy levels.

2. Imbalance in hormones affecting your mood

Dehydration affects the hormonal levels in the body. Water has a crucial role when it comes to balancing the hormones (primarily cortisol, melatonin, and the reproductive hormones – testosterone and estrogen). When your body does not get the ideal supply of water required for the functioning of these hormones, naturally, regular activities are affected, and that affects your mood directly. You become more irritable, which hampers your day-to-day activities. Keeping track of your water intake with this water drinking app will assist you in managing your hormone levels.

3. Cognitive function is affected drastically

One of the biggest reasons you must hydrate yourself considerably is – to ensure the correct functioning of your cognitive abilities. For the record, even a 1-2% dehydration (that is considered mild) can impair your cognitive skills and hamper your focus, mental alertness, and memory. Therefore, if you wish to keep your brain power running at a high level, you must consume an ample amount of water.

4. The bodily functions are affected

When you are dehydrated, your bodily functions are affected. That starts from indigestion to irritable bowel syndrome (or any other stomach-related issue), lack of toxic clearance from the body, and finally, affected regular functions of the body. Having said that, an app for drinking water reminder will assist you in setting the notifications and managing your body’s cycle.

Dehydration may not create many issues in the short-term format, but in the long run, it can create havoc with your body. Hence, you must consume the right amount of water to maintain the fluid flow in your body.

water drinking app

What are the preliminary signs of dehydration?

Before you jump into understanding the reasons behind staying hydrated deeply, you must quickly check out the symptoms of dehydration –

  • Sudden/consistent dryness in lips and mouth
  • Flushed skin with blotchy hands and feet
  • Headache and lethargy combined with low BP
  • Rapid breathing with increased heart rate and palpitations

If you notice any of these signs, assuredly, the concerned person is dehydrated. Hence, the first thing to do is give him water to drink.

Why should you keep yourself hydrated?

There are a couple of reasons why an app for drinking water reminder has gained such popularity. Let us give you some of the reasons –

1. Water helps absorb maximum nutrients

It is water that helps absorb the multiple nutrients that you get through your food/meds. In the process, water assists in managing your body’s electrolyte level, absorbs nutrients through the cells, and regulates the hormone levels. Thus, water has a crucial role to play in the absorption, assimilation, and excretion of the body.

2. It helps regulate your body temperature

Consuming the right amount of water is essential for regulating your body’s temperature levels. When your water intake is prominent, it significantly regulates your body heat, maintains it at an optimal level, and ensures you carry on with regular activities.

3. Water is essential to improve cognitive abilities

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons you should stay hydrated is that water’s properties improve your cognitive ability. You must know how water helps perform intercellular/intracellular activities. When these functions occur correctly, they significantly improve the person’s cognitive abilities and help them be inherently productive and competent.

These are some of the key reasons why you must use a water reminder app, to keep yourself hydrated.

What are the requisite features of this app?

Before we give you a tour of this water drinking app let us bring to your notice Watson’s Formula about consuming the right amount of water daily –

H2-oh yeh

Now that you have clarity about what Watson’s Formula states about the ‘ideal water content’ in the body, it is time to check out the services associated with this water reminder app.


  • You can feed your physical details into this app, and it will give you a recommended amount of water you must consume during the day. Otherwise, you can also customize your data to create a water drinking scheme. 
  • To download this app on Android, you will have to visit the Google Play Store. This app is also available on iOS.

The app – 

  • It has a specific Hydration Page, wherein you notify the amount of water you drink throughout the day with a tap. With all the entries made, the app will give you the total amount of water you drank throughout the day at the end of the day.
  • It comes with a Reminders Page that you can customize to create a water drinking schedule. You can either choose the Standard Reminders Page, which allows you to create a symmetrical water schedule, or you could pick the Interval or Custom Reminders Page, where you can curate your own water drinking routine and mix-and-match the same with other fluids (juices, limited caffeine) to maintain variety and balance.
  • This water drinking app also has a Statistics Page that will show you a chart of how much water you drank through a specified period (3-6 months). That is very helpful to understand your hydration patterns and create better routines.

Therefore, you need to download this app, set the specifics, and start your water intake routine.

Conclusive thoughts

As you know, water is the ultimate elixir of life to better your internal well-being. Hence, you must drink adequate water (as per Watson’s formula) to ensure your physical and mental abilities are functioning at their highest levels.

Assuming you have read this post well, you have a detailed idea about this water drinking app and how essential hydration is to amplify your productivity. Saying that, it is only expected that you will download this app and move forth to set your preference timings or adapt the app’s. Thanks to this app’s routine, we hope you have a better hydration cycle and enhanced productivity.

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