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The fact that you require adequate water intake is no secret. But, if you are sick, under medication, or have undergone surgery, you not only need to drink an appropriate amount of water but also track water intake. This is to ensure that you drink ‘that much’ water as required, not too much of it, nor too little. With a tracking app, you will be able to measure your water count and notify the time of your intake. It will help you maintain a schedule and also take your medication on time.

But the question here is – how can a water reminder app help you remember your post-surgery medicines on time? Also, how important is tracking of your water consumption after surgery? This post has all your answers right here –

Why should you track water intake after surgery?

There are multiple reasons for this –

1. When recovering from surgery, you will be on a specific diet. To ensure a quicker recovery, you must drink the ‘correct amount of water’ as your physician has notified you. With an app, you can track the water consumed.

2. There have been multiple cases wherein patients have not adhered to the set water limit after their surgical process. That has led to numerous health complications. To avoid that, you must note the amount of water you consume.

3. During the healing period, you will be on medications. You need to have those on time. What better than the best water reminder app reminding you both to drink water and take meds?

With these reasons in tow, you must track your total water input after surgery for a better and faster recovery process.

track water intake

Key features of this water reminder app

INTRODUCTORY PAGE  On this page, you will have to put in your personal details like –

Your name/age/weight/gender/climate details

HYDRATION LEVEL PAGE  On this page, you can tap the amount of water consumed. So, every time, you take a sip, you can notify the amount of water you consumed (amount specified there) to track water intake.

What happens is – in this way, you can reach your water goal during the healing period.

Also, since the specifics are set, there is no chance you will fall behind.

STATISTICS PAGE  This page is to give you specific details about your water consumption over a time period.

In this way, you will be able to check – how much water you drank previously, and how much water you are drinking now.

Taking into account, that your water limit is set in this case, your medical practitioner can use the analytics to further enhance your post-operative care.

REMINDER SETTINGS PAGE This is the best page to help you both remember and track your water intake.

Since you have to drink a ‘certain set quantity of water’ therefore – you can use the standard reminder to ensure the same.

Apart from that, you can also use the – Interval or Custom Reminder settings, which you can coordinate with your medication timings.

In this way, you can both drink a limited amount of water(as specified) and also have your medicines on time.

How to track water intake regularly?

In this segment, we will give you an idea about using the best water reminder app, to notify the amount of water you drank in a specified period.

  • As mentioned before, you can customize the alarms to your liking. So, whether you choose the Standard Reminder settings or the Custom one – you can set your water drinking time in coordination with your medication timing.
  • Your doctor may have recommended drinking a specified amount of water. How you drink that much water is up to you. So, you can use this water reminder app to set notifications.
  • Additionally, if you have any further ‘specified health goals’ after healing from this surgical process, this app can tailor the ideal water drinking plan for you. At standard times, it will remind you to drink water, thereby helping you achieve your physical goals.

By using the procedures mentioned above, you can keep track of how much water you drink during a specific period.

track water intake

How to download it?

If you have an Android, you can visit the Google PlayStore and download the app. After that, put in the required data and set the app as per your need. You can download this app even on your Apple iPhone.

Conclusive thoughts

The recovery process after surgery can be a difficult period. Nutritious food, timely medications, ample amount of rest, and the correct amount of water are the key ingredients that will help you get fit. Taking that into consideration, you must track water intake (post-operative care includes drinking a specified amount of water). This will assist you in becoming better within a limited time. Tailor this water app according to your demands, and assuredly, your goal will be achieved with much ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why must you track water intake after surgery?

While you are recovering, you must drink a fixed amount of water. This app will help you track your daily water intake.

2. Can you time this app with your medicine intake?

Absolutely! Just go to the Custom Reminder Settings and time your water intake specifically, along with the timing of your medicine.

3. What if you wish to set specific interval times?

In such a scenario, you can use the Interval Settings reminder that allows you to set alarms after a specific interval period (say 2 hours or something similar).

4. How credible is the analytics provided by the app?

This app has an in-built system to assist you with analytical data about the total amount of water you must consume daily. It is based on the data that you have provided to the app. Rest assured, you can follow the app’s recommendation.

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