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Keep The Doctor Away With Just A Sip – Use Our Water Reminder App!

How many times have you forgotten to take your scheduled medicine on time? Or rather, has it happened that you were supposed to drink a glass of water before having your medicine, but forgot that? Result? You missing out on your medicine dosages and not matching up your ‘required’ water drinking levels. It would be nice to have an app for drinking water reminder that would also notify you to have medicine on time.

Want to know how that works? Scroll down this post for detailed information on the same –

Why Do People Forget To Take Their Medicines?

There are multiple reasons why people forget to take their meds on time. They are –

1. Busy schedule and multiple jobs at the same time

The key reason why people forget to take their meds and also track water intake due to their busy schedules! In today’s times, most people have multiple jobs or work around the clock to make ends meet. Under such stressful situations, it is only natural that you forget to take your medicines on time (and even drink water unless you are completely parched)!

2. For kids and the elderly it is a hassle

Getting the kids to take their medication is nothing short of a hassle. Also, elderly people, more often than not, tend to forget to take their meds. Assuredly, many of you have to deal with these hassles, and this is the best water reminder app for you!

Now that you know the key reasons why people forget to take their medication, let us give you an idea of how this Water Reminder App can assist you.

Hydrate To Dominate

How An App For Drinking Water Reminder Can Assist You?

In this section, you will get clarity about the different pages that this app boasts of and how you can utilize them for your benefit –

For starters –

Moving to the Hydration Page

This page showcases the amount of water you have been drinking or have consumed during the day. As you scroll through this page, you will see the ‘exact’ amount of water you have drank (since you tap in the amount every time you take a sip) and get the idea of how much more water is left to consume.

Therefore, if you are on medication and have been prescribed to drink a certain amount of water, then this page can help you track the same.

Checking out the Reminder Settings Page

This is the page on the app that will help you both set and track water intake regularly. As you look through this page, you will find there are 3 types of settings available – Standard, Interval, and Custom.

Standard Setting  Do you always forget to drink water? Or maybe, you just take a sip and no more? Then how will you manage to drink the right amount of water? This standard reminder setting will assist you.

This reminder is set at a gap of 1 hour. It will notify you to drink water after every hour. Drink up a certain amount of water and mark it down on the app.

Interval Setting  Let us assume a scenario, wherein, you have to drink water every 2 hours (as per strict medical guidance). This page, allows you to set the timings as per the noted intervals.

In this way, you can assuredly maintain the exact gap between your water intake.

Custom Setting  This is the setting, that allows you to tailor your water intake, as per your choice.

You can set how much water you wish to drink (maybe, 3 liters) within a set time frame.

Set that, and every time you take a sip, you just need to tap it.

The most interesting part is – you can tune your water drinking time with your medication, thanks to this best water reminder app!

Easy to navigate, isn’t it? Let us update you on some more of its benefits.

Can This App Help Your Family?

Absolutely! Most families own more than a single Android/Apple iPhone. You can download this app for drinking water reminder from the Google PlayStore and set the details accordingly. After that, use the Settings button to customize your water intake. Then you can align that with your family member’s (whosoever is concerned) medication requirement and set the alarm accordingly.

Every time the alarm rings off, the concerned person can drink up the required amount of water with the medicine. After that, the person needs to tap the amount of water they drank. In this way, they will be able to monitor their water consumption.

Additionally, you, too, can keep track of it (the details are available on the app). With this app, the last thing you need to worry about is – forgetting to have your medication and drinking water.

How To Use This App To Track Water Intake?

Once you download this app (as mentioned above), you can monitor the amount of water that you drink regularly. Additionally, you can also get the past data from the Statistics page.

Let us brief you about the same –

1. Hydration Page

This is the page that shows you the amount of water you have drank on the current date (say today) and how far you are from reaching the set target. As mentioned above, in this app, you can set your daily target. After that, tap on the amount of water you drank. Thereby, this app for drinking water reminder will consistently update you on your water consumption.

water drink reminder app

2. Statistics Page

On this page, you can get your water intake data from the last 24 hours (yesterday) for up to the last 6 months. The graph gives you an idea about how much water you have drunk during a specified period. You can use this data for multiple purposes.

Parting Thoughts

In today’s times, with busy schedules and one issue or the other cropping up, remembering one’s medication and keeping oneself hydrated becomes a task! However, with this app for drinking water reminder things can get much easier! As mentioned above, the Settings page allows you to tailor your water intake accordingly. You can also set your water-drinking timings according to your medication demands (and even do it for family members). Thus, on the whole, with this app, you can surely keep the doctor away with just a sip!

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