One Sip Closer To Your Water Goal With Our Handy Water App

It is well known that staying hydrated is the key to overall fine health. Though most of us try to consume the maximum amount of water and other liquids throughout the day, at times, we miss out. Also, if it is the season of monsoon, then thanks to the weather and hormonal changes, we more than often miss out on consuming the ‘right amount’ of water. In such cases, a water drinking app can be of great help!

Want to know how precisely this app can help you? Also, can you tailor your demands on this app? We have all the answers for you –

How water drinking app can help you in monsoons?

In this section, you will get complete clarity about the key problems that one faces regarding hydrating themselves during the monsoons and how this water alert sensor can solve them for you –

Problem 1 – Lack of thirst due to climatic conditions


During the monsoons, the water loss from the body is comparatively less. Hence, the chances of you feeling ‘thirsty’ are limited considerably. But in hindsight, what happens is people don’t consume as much water as they should. This results in your body getting suddenly dehydrated.

When you feed your data onto this app, this formula-backed water alert sensor will nudge you to stay hydrated with ease!

Problem 2 – Not following a healthy diet


We all tend to sneak more ‘fried’ and ‘spicy’ food during the monsoons! To digest these processed foods, our body requires more water than the usual quantity. With this water reminder app, you can set alarms for consuming water at specified intervals.

So this season, you can gorge on your favourite foods (surely at a limited range) and drink up water to ease the digestion process.

good diet

Problem 3 – If you are under medication


Often, monsoons bring with them a host of illnesses! If you are suffering from any of those (say, stomachache, headache, cold, and fever), then you can use this water drinking app to set your water intake levels.

Say, you have to take a medication at 19:00 hours. Tailor your water intake accordingly – perhaps an hour before the medication time and then at the appropriate time. In this way, neither will you miss out on your medication and also be able to maintain the general water levels of your body.

Problem 4 – The kids/elderly in the house getting sick


Monsoon is a time that can be dicey even for the kids and the elderly as well. While the kids tend to eat up a lot of outside stuff and get sick quite often, the elderly have their own set of issues. Additionally, cough, cold, and fever are common occurrences during this season.

With this water app, you can set the timings for drinking water (in fact, even set them according to your medication timings). In this way, the elderly and the kids will be able to maintain their water intake levels, and you will remain tension-free!

The point to consider here is – that whatever your issue is, this water drink reminder app will let you enjoy the ‘spices’ of monsoon without compromising your health!

How to customize your demands on this app?

The biggest positive of this water reminder app is that you can customize the amount of water you drink. Let us explore the specifics –

You must be already aware that the Standard and Interval Reminder Settings are there to monitor your water levels. Along with that, there is the Customized Setting on this app that will help you mark – precisely how much water you wish to drink per day.

This Customized Setting allows the user to set their water target. After that, every time you take a sip, you simply need to mark it on the app. In this way, with every sip, you will be closer to the ‘exact amount’ of water you wish to consume with this handy water app!

Is this beneficial in the long run?

Absolutely! You have seen for yourself how this water reminder app can help you drink water at intervals or as you customize the reminders. Now the question is – how beneficial is this in the long run?

water drinking app

  • Well, for starters, you can change the reminder setting as and when you like. Say you wish to change the interval between your water-drinking sessions. With this app, you can do the needful.


  • It is only natural that during the monsoons, due to specific climatic conditions, the body does not lose much water. However, what happens, unfortunately, is – that you do not drink enough water, and then suddenly, one day, you are dehydrated. These instances are quite often during the monsoons and that’s why doctors advise you to drink more water during the monsoons. This water drinking app will measure your water intake levels.


  • If you change your diet (specific diet for weight loss/trying out new diets), you can alter your ‘amount’ of water accordingly. Set up a new reminder.


  • Say, you are on a very busy schedule. With too much stress and work piling up – it is only natural that you will forget to drink water. This app, with its reminder settings, can surely help you maintain your water levels in those times.


  • What’s more? You can download this water drink reminder app on your family member’s phones (Android or Apple iPhone) and set the timers accordingly. This is especially beneficial for kids and the elderly of your family – who are on specific diets and need to consume a measured amount of water daily.

Note: Visit the Google PlayStore and download this Water Reminder App on your Apple iPhone/Android.

Parting thoughts


Monsoons bring that drop of freshness to the earth. However, if you are not careful enough, then you could be dehydrated due to the lack of the correct amount of water consumption. Under such circumstances, you will require a water reminder app that will keep track of how much water you have been drinking. Also, if you wish to tailor your water consumption levels, you can do the needful with this app.

Enjoy the wishful drops of the monsoons while this handy water app takes you closer to your ultimate water goal!

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