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Stay Hydrated With A Little Reminder From Us!

You all know that you must hydrate your body to keep it running. A well-hydrated body eases the multiple regular physical activities, ensures you have a well-functioning brain, and increases your cognitive prowess. However, at times, we do not remember taking that sip of water. Hence, you need a water reminder app, that will assist you to remember to drink up.

Additionally, it will monitor the amount of water you have consumed over a while to help you reach your goal.

This post will elaborate on why you need a water drink reminder app, specific details of the app, and how you can extend it to your family as well.

Why do you require a water reminder app?

There are multiple reasons why you require an app that will remind you to drink water on time. They are –

1. Busy schedule

Most of us have very busy schedules and often untowardly forget to drink water. We only remember when we are extremely thirsty (the body’s way of informing us that we are parched). However, that is not always a good signal. Especially during monsoons or winters, the water consumption levels fall drastically. With an app reminding us, we will drink water at specific intervals.

2. You do not know the ideal target

Most of us are unaware that – according to Watson’s Formula, men should consume 3.7 litres of water daily, while for women, this limit is set at 2.7 litres. For kids aged between 5 – 12 years, the ideal amount is 1.5 – 2 litres.

When you set this target on a water drink reminder app and tailor it to remind you to drink water on time – matching it will get easier!

3. It is difficult to monitor the kids

As an adult, you may manually set your water drinking level and even match it. But what about the kids? How will you monitor their intake? There have been multiple such cases wherein parents have not been able to keep track of how much water their kids have drank throughout the day. The minimal to low water consumption levels have caused health problems in kids.

With this water reminder app, you can also set targets for your kids, monitor them, and ensure that they do not fall behind the ‘set’ daily targets.

4. At times, you drink too much water

It has been often found that – either people drink too much water at one go, or drink water way more than the set limit (as per Watson’s formula). Both of these are extremely harmful to the body. With a water drink reminder app, you can monitor the amount of water you consume within a specified limit. Also, you can customize the settings to create a gap between water drinking schedules.

water reminder app

5. If you are on a special diet

Do you know that specific diets require you to consume specific amounts of water? Say you are consuming too much fiber or proteins, your body requires more water. Or if you are on a keto diet (for weight loss), or following a Mediterranean diet, then you will require to drink a set amount of water. This will help the diet work well on your body.

With a water drinking app, you can set your target water drinking levels, and customize the app to remind you accordingly.

User Interface Details of this water reminder app?

The key pages of this water drink reminder app include –

1. The Introductory Page

This page gives an idea of the app in itself. It will ask you certain basic questions and based on that will figure out the correct amount of water that you must drink.

The details required are your name, age, weight, and gender. This formula-backed app will then set the water target alert accordingly.

2. Hydration Level Page

This page of this water drinking app shows the amount of water you consume throughout the day. Every time you take a sip, you must tap the amount onto your phone. After a certain point in time, you will finally reach your target level, which will be reflected on this page.

water drink reminder app

3. Statistics Page

This is the analytical page of the water reminder app. This will give you a graph of the amount of water you drank in the last couple of months (specified period). After that, you can figure out the specifics accordingly. You can use this data for medical or any other purpose.

4. Settings Page

This is the page wherein you can tailor your water settings according to your demands. There are 3 sets to this –

  • Standard Reminder Setting

This is the basic reminder setting in your water drink reminder app. Set the goal and drink water according to the recommendations of the app, at specified intervals.

  • Interval Reminder Setting

This settings page on the water drinking app will showcase the gap to maintain while you drink water. As you tap, it will show you the interval within which you will have to drink water. It also shows the last time you drank water.

  • Custom Reminder Setting

In this setting, you can tailor your water consumption as per your choice. Note down how much water you want to drink and at what intervals. Set the target, and every time you take a sip, you need to mark it on the page. In this way, you can drink water at your will.

How can your family members use it?

It is not only you, but your family members as well, who can stay hydrated with ease. All thanks to this water drinking app! You can download this app from the Google PlayStore and install it on your family member’s Android/Apple phones! Provide the required data and set up the app accordingly. In this way, all of your family members, especially kids and elderly can tailor their water drinking levels and even monitor them over time.

Thus, this drinking water app can help you and your family stay in the best of your health!

Parting thoughts

If you have been reading this post well, then you already have figured out the importance of this water reminder app and how one and all can use it! What’s more interesting is, that you can customize it according to your choice and also get the correct data on the last couple of months for further medical usage. Thus, on the whole, this is your ultimate app to keep things easy while you navigate through a busy schedule.

If you enjoyed reading this post and wish to know more about this app, then keep visiting this page. We will keep you updated on the same.

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