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Stay Refreshed, Stay Productive: Drink More Water With Our App

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water” – said Benjamin Franklin. This statement in itself is evidence enough for one to figure out the importance of hydration in one’s regular life. Water is related to all the key functions in your body, from helping you digest food to carrying out your metabolic activities to detoxifying your body. It is nature’s most precious gift to individuals and is the ultimate elixir of life. A drop of this marvelous drink can not only satiate your thirst but also assist you in carrying out your daily routine effectively. 

However, some people may forget to drink that drop or even miss out on reaching the suggested levels. How do they cope with this, then? Well, you have the Water Reminders App! This app provides you with alarms and notifications so that you do not miss out on consuming the ‘ideal’ amount of water. Additionally, you can set the ‘amount’ of water you wish to consume, and the app will make a note of it accordingly. 

This post will outline the negatives of dehydration and will also showcase how this app can assist you in consuming the right amount of water. 

water reminder app

The Link Between Hydration and Productivity

If you are dehydrated, then your body’s cognitive function will be affected severely – 

1. The digestion process will be affected, and your physical health will be at a much lower standard than optimum. 

2. When you are not fit physically, it is natural that your mental health will take a toll, and you will be in a difficult space. 

3. Overall, in the long run, this can affect the regular functions of your body. Hence, you must be extra careful of the same. 

On the contrary, let us discuss the benefits of staying hydrated – 

1. When you drink an adequate amount of water, the body functions at its optimum. Whether it is your digestive process and the related functions (metabolism, assimilation, and detoxification) or your mental capacity – your health on the whole is at its best. 

2. When you are physically and mentally healthy, then your output is also maximized. Apart from your ability to give the best at work or otherwise, your brain’s functionality will improve. 

3. Also, when coupled with a proper lifestyle, in the long run, the chances of your getting sick will reduce comparatively, and you can look forward to living a healthy life. 

There are multiple studies conducted by reputed medical organizations that can stand true to the points mentioned above. It has been reported that almost 75% of Americans are critically dehydrated, thereby increasing their chances of getting lifestyle diseases. Added to that, a 2019 study also showed that people who could barely sleep for 6 hours were consistently dehydrated. 

If not taken care of at an early stage, this issue could escalate into a major health hazard, evidence of which a large section of society is already facing (obesity, young people suffering massive cardiac arrests, type 2 diabetes), to name a few. 

Explain the Water Reminders App

The features of this app are as follows – 

CUSTOMIZATION  Choose the amount of water you wish to drink. Set the mark, and turn on the notification button. 
REMINDER SETTINGS  There are 3 alternatives available – Standard, Interval and Custom Reminder settings. 

The Standard Reminder Settings will notify you to drink water at regular intervals. 

The Interval and Custom Reminder Settings will help you set an interval and help you set your water targets. 

STATISTICS  There is a water alert sensor that collects the ‘water consumption’ data over a while. In this way, you can monitor how much water you have been drinking over a certain time gap. 
HYDRATION STANDARD  How much water did you drink throughout the day? The Hydration level will give you the exact count. As you drink a sip, mark it on the app and it will keep track of it. 

Also, it will measure the amount of water left for you to consume before the end of the day (or till the marked time). 

This app provides you with a chance to either set the amount of water you wish to drink or follow the formula that is given by the app itself. In either case, you will be able to drink an ‘adequate’ amount of water and have a fantastic and healthy life ahead. 

How to Set Personalized Hydration Goals with Water Reminders App

Why do you think people who set goals tend to achieve results faster? That is because our brains are trained to accomplish the task at hand. How about using this to your benefit and marking the amount of water you drink? Well, with this Water Reminders app, you can set your ‘water drinking goals’, and every time you take a sip, you can mark it. In this way, you will be able to keep track of the exact amount of water you drank throughout the day, and also change it according to your requirement. 

Another interesting fact about this app is that the water goals that are set are extremely realistic. The app follows the standard Watson Model (that depicts the ideal amount of water men/women must drink), and hence, it keeps the goal achievable. 

This Water Reminders App, when set accordingly, can provide you with notifications (both for your total water consumed and how much you must drink), and thereby assist you in matching your pace.

If you still haven’t checked out this app, it is time you download the same and use it. Also, if you find this app to be useful, you can recommend its usage to your family and friends. Ask for their feedback, and share testimonials regarding its usage. You can assuredly check out what the HydrateMe app offers. 


Assuming you have read this post well, you are now aware of the importance of staying hydrated and how being dehydrated can positively affect your health. Also, it is not just about drinking water without a count. Rather, you must measure the amount of water you are drinking since that is directly related to the cognitive functions of your body. Having said that, it is only essential that you download the formula-backed Water Reminders App and measure your drops accordingly. If you wish to, you can also customize the amount of water you intend to drink and set the app accordingly. Without a doubt, with this app, you will be on the correct track. 

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