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Water Time Is Quality Time. Our App Keeps You In Check

Why do you think most nutritionists and health experts always tell you that water time is quality time? Because that is what it is! Water is an essential drink for the body and is required to lead a healthy lifestyle. Generally speaking, it helps in your wellness journey and acts as a coolant for the body. Added to that, water eases digestion, aids in preventing constipation, lubricates the joints, keeps a host of lifestyle diseases away, and assists in bettering your body to face the set of physical and mental challenges.

However, most people in their busy lifestyles forget to drink water. There have been multiple reports from corners of the world about how this acts as a catalyst in the range of lifestyle diseases. In this case, therefore, what’s the respite? The Water Reminder App! This app can help measure the sips you have taken, and help you set daily water consumption goals. What’s more, you can customize the settings on this app as per your requirements/targets.

Let us explore a little more about this app –

Why water time is quality time?

Since it has been well established now that water time is genuinely quality time and you must not forget to drink water at regular intervals – let us comprehend categorically the benefits associated. Here they are –

1. Staying hydrated improves focus and productivity

Water is an essential drink for your mind. Drinking the correct amount of water is essential for your body to wash out the toxins and helps in the communication of the brain cells. When that happens, automatically, both your focus and productivity increase and you are in a better place mentally. This automatically leads you to improve your focus and enhance its productivity in the long run.

2. This is suitable both for physical and mental health

Drinking the correct amount of water is crucial for both physical and mental health. Water assists in managing the physiological demands of the body, from aiding the digestion process to lubricating the joints. At a time when you have a healthy body, it naturally upgrades your brain and helps you sustain credible mental health.

What most people don’t understand is that – the key to credible mental health starts from a good physical health condition. When your body is active, your mind also can focus accordingly and assist you in achieving your set goals.

Thus, it is a well-established fact that water is highly essential to assist you in carrying out your regular – physical and mental activities.

Water time is quality time

How to Use the Water Reminders App to Improve Water Quality Time?

This Water Reminder App can play a massive role in improving your water intake. This formula-backed app takes in your essential data and based on that provides you with a specific water count. It will measure your daily requirements and tailor a particular water consumption rate accordingly.

If you are ready to follow that tailored plan, then it is a great idea. If not, you can always visit the Reminder Settings page and set your water targets accordingly. Choose how much water you would like to consume and when. Every time you take a sip, tap on the app and let it know. Finally, once your target is met, the app will automatically update you on the same and assist you in your path of reaching the ultimate water goal.

For those who would like to check out how much water they have consumed over a certain period, you can assuredly see the same on the Statistics page of the app. That will provide you with data regarding your water consumption over a specified period. This app also tracks the amount of water consumed and updates you on your progress rate.

Lastly, you can customize the settings of this app, if you wish to bring a change in your diet or alter the amount of water previously set on this app. It is time you download this water alert app from the Google Play store on your phone or smartwatch.


Everything seems necessary until you get sick. That is the time that you realize how important it is to maintain a healthy body and a productive mind. Having said that, you must take care of yourself and drink the correct amount of water so that your health remains well-maintained. After all, prevention is far better than cure.

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