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Hydrate To Dominate. Let Our App Remind You!

This is the drink that keeps your blood flowing. This is also the drink that keeps your brain working and the joints supple. But do you know that almost 80% of people forget to take that sip? We are talking of water! At times, it is a busy schedule, or at other times, it is more of choosing options than the original beverage. But what if you have an app that constantly reminds you to drink up? That’s exactly the function of the Water Reminder App – so that you can hydrate to dominate! This alarm system ensures that you don’t forget to drink water at specified times. As it is AI-backed, therefore it works according to its set timer, or you may customize it as per your choice!

This post will give you a fair idea of the key challenges to remaining hydrated and how this water sensor app will assist you in remembering to take that sip.

Challenges in Remembering to Hydrate

As weird as it may sound, most people forget to drink water, quite often. Many do not even meet the standard rate of drinking water – like 3.7 liters for males and 2.7 liters for females. Surely, you must have been reminded multiple times that you must hydrate to dominate – yet the reasons for forgetting keep varying.

Why do people forget to drink water?

Here are some of the key reasons as to why people forget to take that sip –

1. Excessive work pressure

With the competitive world taking over and individuals indulging in the rat race, most people forget to take that sip of life due to excessive work pressure. You have multiple projects to submit, deadlines to meet, and personal issues to take care of – the thought of drinking water simply slips from your mind!

As much as these things are crucial for you, you must remember to hydrate your system; otherwise, in the long run, this could turn into a major health hurdle for you!

2. People cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger

You might be surprised to know that, at times, it is thirst that comes in the form of hunger. Let us explain. You may have often seen people constantly munching on some goodies or the other. They are constantly hungry. But the truth is that – they need to increase their water consumption because thirst in their system manifests itself as hunger. This is why their water intake levels fall below the bare minimum, and they face a host of medical issues. It’s time to stick up to the principle of hydrate to dominate, or else you could land in some health trouble.

3. Opting for sugary drinks instead

Nobody likes to have a bland drink at every sip, however healthy it is! So, what’s the alternative? Opting for sugar-laden drinks! Rather than drinking water, they opt for processed fruit juices or any other such packed drinks. The idea behind this is – that they are drinking water, albeit in some other form.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make! Too much consumption of any of these sugar-packed drinks is harmful to the body and can shoot up your glucose levels. They have calories, and the sugar harms your teeth. Added to that, in the long run, it can lead to diabetes and a host of other lifestyle diseases.

Hydrate To Dominate

4. Certain climatic conditions

Don’t you feel more thirsty during summer than winter? It is just the humidity levels and the conditions that are playing tricks. For the record, irrespective of the season, your body requires a set amount of water. But during the summer season, the body’s water loss is more, versus that of the winter or the monsoon. Hence, during summers, you do feel thirsty more often, and in this way, your water intake is somewhat fulfilled.

However, during the winter, this water loss level is limited. Hence, most people do not feel thirsty that often. This leads to less water intake and causes further health complications. The story is the same for people living in colder regions. So, the hydrate to dominate fact seems to fall a bit behind here!

5. Not being aware

Do you know that most people are unaware of the exact amount of water that they must drink regularly? It is due to a lack of awareness that people don’t drink enough water and manage a timeline of their water consumption. This, in the long run, is extremely harmful – both for the body and the mind.

6. Some people simply forget to drink water

Lastly, some people simply forget to drink water. They don’t need to be always busy or looking for alternatives. They are genuinely forgetful and, hence, miss out on taking the sip as and when needed. This results in a host of physical ailments, but that is how they are made. Hence, you must not follow in their footsteps and rather choose to note down the amount of your water intake and the timings accordingly.

Some anecdotes about forgetting to drink water

As you have read in the pointers mentioned above, the key reasons people forget to take that sip. Let us now give you an insight into what they have to say about this –

According to marketer, Erica, “…I am always busy with the deadlines hanging at the top of my head. I simply forget to drink water. Instead, I rely on coffee, as it gives me an instant kick…”

Lovell Verinder, from Vogue India, states – “…the body absorbs water at room temperature better than cold water…you can always rely on herbal teas to stay hydrated in winters…this builds a fire in the body and enhances metabolism rate…” 

Let’s see what Linda Antwi-Ahima, a pharmacist, has to say about the correct water intake. She states, “…not always do you need to drink water to fulfill your hydration needs. At times, you can have some foods like spinach and watermelon that have a high water content…” 

Joshua Francis states, “I am into fieldwork, so I keep traveling and meeting clients. In this way, I am having more coffee, drinks, or fast food on the go. I fell sick, and that’s when my doctor asked me to pump up my water levels. Since then, I have been using a reusable bottle, and despite my hectic schedules, my health has improved consistently…”

Taking these personal experiences into the context, it is imperative that to keep up the context of hydrate to dominate one does need a water reminder app! It is time to see how this helps.

Hydrate to dominate. Let our water reminder app remind you!

In this section, you will get clarity about the Water Reminder App and how it functions to assist you in the long run –

What are the features of this app?

It is as follows –

Hydration Level Page If you want to keep track of the amount of water you drink throughout the day, now you can do it with a tap. Every time, you take a sip, just note down the amount. At the end of the day, you can figure out the correct amount of water you drank.
Statistics Page  This page gives you the amount of water you have consumed. This analytics is based on your past and present water consumption levels (over the last couple of months) and prepared accordingly.
Customize Page  You can choose how much water you wish to drink. Set the target, and pick the way that suits your demands.
Reminder Settings Page  There are 3 ways by which you can set reminders. Pick one that suits your requirements and set the sensors accordingly.

How does it remind users to drink water at intervals?

There are 3 ways by which this app reminds you to drink water. Here they are –

When you check out the Reminder Settings of this page, you will find –

STANDARD REMINDER SETTINGS  This is a standard alarm set-up that reminds you to drink water at regular intervals. It also keeps track of how much water you drank that specific day.
INTERVAL REMINDER SETTINGS Let the AI choose the ‘standard gap’ between your water intake. It will notify you accordingly, and you can take the next sip.
CUSTOM REMINDER SETTINGS By this method, you can set your own water consumption goals. Set the timer according to your preference and finish your set water goal.

What are the benefits of this app?

Some of the biggest positives of this water reminder system are –

  • It manages your hydration levels. You can set a water level target, have alarms to remind you, and ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. After all, you must hydrate to dominate!
  • If you wish to follow the AI-backed data, you can also do that. Since you have already submitted your physical details, the water intake level has been assuredly measured according to that. Hence, if you follow this schedule, you will be healthy.
  • When you are hydrated, your physical and mental prowess improves, and you function better vis-a-vis your peers and competitors!

How Our App Empowers Users to Dominate

We hope that you are well aware of the functioning of this app, and can comprehend the concept of hydrate to dominate. Hence, it is time to discuss – how a hydrated body and mind can help you better your performance in every aspect of your life.

1. You become naturally healthy

Water is a medicine that solves half of your physical issues. When you drink up the ‘required’ amount of water, the physical functioning of the body stays aligned. In this way, the cell repair of the body and the other range of activities are streamlined, and your body becomes naturally resistant.

2. Cognitive clarity improves

Why do you think the moniker – hydrate to dominate has been in place? Simply because it does what it says! When your body is hydrated, your brain gets the required fuel to function, which, in the long run, improves its cognitive clarity and lets you harness its potential to the fullest.

3. Your mental health is in a great state

When you are physically healthy, and your cognitive clarity is better, naturally, your mental health also improves significantly. Surely, in the short run, you get a more productive brain, while in the long run, it prevents your brain from diseases like depression, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Water is truly the elixir drink that you cannot miss out on! With our Water Reminder App, your water levels will be monitored accordingly.

For the once who are looking for the downloading link, here’s the link for downloading the water reminders app from your apple store. We are also available for android users. Click on the link to download for your android devices.


Assuming you have read this post well, you now know how you must hydrate to dominate, especially in today’s busy schedule. Standing in the post-pandemic era, it is time to revisit the old proverb of health is wealth, and take care of the same. When you keep your water intake level standard and also manage your diet plan accordingly, you will be rewarded with a strong and healthy body and mind. With that, you will be able to win any of those personal and professional challenges that you may come across.

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