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Water Alert: Your healthy hydration companion

Water Alert:Don’t forget to drink water, or you will not get your chocolate shake in the evening” or “You will not get to go to the park if you don’t finish up drinking your water” and more! So, what is your water drinking story? It is no secret that water is the ultimate elixir of a healthy and productive body. It has a crucial role in carrying out a host of bodily functions.

From transporting nutrients to the cells to maintaining the body’s temperature levels to releasing toxins, water does it all. The benefits of drinking water, combined with people often forgetting to consume it, have resulted in the creation of a water alert tool. 

With climate change and excessive stress taking over, people often forget to keep a tab on their hydration levels. Dehydration and the host of lifestyle diseases related to it have been creating havoc. Now is the time that you need a water alert device that will keep a check on your hydration levels. Also, it is not just about ‘drinking water’ but keeping a note of ‘how much water you are drinking and when’ that matters. 

This app monitors your hydration levels and also recommends the correct amount of water you must drink. That’s not all! You can customize your water-drinking routine through this app. 

So, what is this water alarm all about? How will this device keep you updated? We will decode all about it right here – 

What is hydration? 

In simple terms, hydration is the replenishment of body fluids (primarily water) that one loses through excretion, sweating, and exhalation. Supposedly, the body loses 2-3 quarts of water regularly, and for the healthy functioning of it, you must replace it. At times, you might replace water with hydrating fruits and vegetables, which equally assist in replenishing the water levels in your body. It is here that you require a water drinking alert app that will assist you in fulfilling your hydration needs. 

What is the ideal hydration level? 

For the unversed, the human body has 60% water content. With age, the water level in the body can vary and might decrease. However, in one’s lifetime, the water level normally never goes below 50%. 

According to a study by the – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the “Total Body Water” increases significantly during pregnancy but decreases during the postpartum phase. 

General water level  Declines as people age, but mostly remains at 50% – 55% 
Body water in males  50% – 65% 
Body water in females  45% – 60% 
Body water in kids  Between 75% – 78% at birth Decreases to 65% by the first year, irrespective of the gender. 

Note: This percentage can vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle choices and health condition. 

What are the signs of dehydration?

Some of the most common signs of dehydration are – dry mouth and lips, lack of tears, rapid or problematic breathing, wrinkled skin, blotchy hands and feet, flushed skin, headache, fatigue, and low blood pressure coupled with high heart rate. If you have any of these conditions, it is time you sip some water. Are you the forgetful one? That’s precisely why you will need a water alert tool.

How does it affect your body?

You have seen the key symptoms of dehydration, which, if not dealt with immediately, could lead to a major health issue. 

  • Dehydration causes nausea and leads to massive headache issues. 
  • When you are dehydrated, your metabolism slows down, your blood pressure shoots down, 
  • If not checked at the correct time, the electrolyte imbalance in your body could result in – stroke, paralysis, or even coma! 

Here, you will need a water alert device that will count your sips and notify you in case you fall behind.

Water Alert App: Your hydration companion

In this section, you will get clarity about our newly developed water alarm app and how it is beneficial for your daily water intake –

The Daily Water Tracker Reminder App is a daily water-tracking app that comes with a disclaimer – that however busy you might be, you cannot miss out on drinking water! With the perfect tagline that goes – “Drink water, be awesome. Our app makes it effortless,” assuredly you are in the correct direction. You are already aware of the numerous benefits of drinking water, and this water alert system streamlines your water intake. 

You just need to put in the correct set of data and the AI-backed app will measure out your daily requirements. You can follow that medically backed data or customize it as per your requirements. Make your choice. 

Features of Water Alert app 

This water alert app comes with a specific set of features – 

Hydration Level This shows the amount of water you drank throughout the day (tap to enter the details). In this way, it will keep you updated on the remaining amount you must drink to complete your set target. You can set reminders on this page. 
Reminder Settings  It is divided into 3 sets. Standard reminder settings to help you drink water at regular intervals. Interval reminder settings to help you maintain a gap in your water intake. Custom reminder settings to help you set your water drinking targets. 
Updated Statistics  This water alert sensor collects your past and current data. The analytics show your water intake over a while. 
Customize  This feature allows you to customize your water consumption as per your choice. 

Therefore, with this water drinking alert device, you can stay hydrated throughout, measure your water consumption levels, and set yourself reminders to drink this ‘all-beneficial beverage.’ 

How to download this water alert App on your device? 

Whether you wish to download it on your iPhone or Android, you need to visit the Google Play Store. Click on the download link and install the app. After that, you can continue with the next set of details. 

How Our Water Alert App Works?

You have read about the immense benefits that this water drinking alert app can bring to you. So, how does this app work? Let us give you a virtual tour – 

Step 1 – Get on board with us! 

This is your starting page. In this section, you will have to put in the basic details for the app to recommend the correct water consumption level. You will have to fill in your gender, the climate you come from, and your basic activity level. Based on this, the app will decide on how much water your body requires.

Step 2 – Your Hydration Level 

It is time to determine how much water you consume and where you are headed. All you have to do is tap the amount of water you finished drinking. Based on that, the app will determine your water intake record and register the difference you still have to cover. This water alert sensor will direct you to the correct water consumption levels. 

Step 3 – Note your Statistics

Did you manage to keep track of how much water you consumed in the last six months, last week, or even yesterday? No worries! This water alert system has all your data! With that, it will analyze the levels and guide you about your average water intake. 

You can use this data to understand and measure your water consumption levels and work towards ensuring a healthier body. Also, if you are suffering from any medical condition, you can track your water intake by this app. This will assist you in bettering your lifestyle. 

Step 4 – Profile section

Here comes the profile section. In this section, you can put in the available data like – your daily water intake goals, units you have consumed, and the appropriate cup size. In this way, your data will be tracked, and the reminders will be set accordingly by the app itself. 

However, if you wish to be more in control, you can customize the app by checking its reminder settings. Pick any of the mentioned reminders and choose to set the timer according to your physical preference. You can also set daily goals on this water alert app, and the metrics will show whether you have reached the limit or not. 

Benefits of Using a Water Alert App

Assuming you have been reading till here, you have got a fair idea about the water alert app. In this section, we will try to highlight the water alarm advantages for you – 

  • The app notes down your current hydration level and recommends the ideal level. To start with, you have to fill in your details, and the app, with the assistance of its water alert sensor, monitors your body’s average liquid demand. 
  • From time to time, this AI-backed app, with its water drinking meter, helps you record the amount of water you drink. Tap every time you sip, and your data gets recorded. 
  • When you are using a water alert device, you can customize it to your choice. Put in your reminders, set the timeline, note the amount of water you wish to drink, and keep your daily water target ready. 
  • Your water intake will be timed, and you will not consume too much at one go (it can be harmful). Also, when you are increasingly aware of your hydration requirements, you will be able to monitor your physical functions better. 

Here is the link to download a water alert app for iPhone users. While our water alert app for android phone users is available on the google play store.

Thus, with this app, rest assured that you will not miss out on your water intake. 


Hydration is the key to your physical and mental well-being. In today’s fast-paced life, most people tend to forget to take a sip. Also, in most cases, they prefer to drink carbonated drinks or alcoholic beverages rather than water. This can cause more harm than good since, when consumed in excess, these drinks dehydrate your body. Hence, you must manage your hydration levels and ensure that the body gets ample satiation. 
To keep away the ‘constant stress’ of remembering whether you drank water or not and how much, you can rely on this water alert app. Let the bot decide your water consumption levels (based on specific parameters), or customize it yourself!

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