awesome benefits of drinking water

Awesome Benefits of Drinking Water. Our App Makes It Effortless

According to a study by The University of Kansas Health System, staying hydrated improves an individual’s performance level massively. It helps the body maintain its temperature levels, flush out excess toxins, and move the nutrients throughout. Drinking the right amount of water helps improve your brain cells’ communication skills with each other. Also, in the longer run, this removes the toxins accumulated in the brain, which gives it immense power to achieve the set goals.

With this Water Reminder App, you can stay hydrated with ease! This sets a limit (you can customize it), tracks your water intake, and also notifies you of the marks. What’s more interesting is – you can tailor your demands in this app, as per your choice, at any time.

As you scroll down this article, you will get a brief idea about – the awesome benefits of drinking water, how hydration can help in improving your physical and cognitive health, and how this water alert app can assist you in both tracking and fulfilling your hydration requirements.

Awesome Benefits of Drinking Water

In this section, we will discuss how correct hydration levels are extremely crucial for achieving both physical and mental well-being –

1. It aids and eases the digestion process

The biggest and best benefits of drinking water is – its role in aiding digestion. Once the digestion process kickstarts, automatically the metabolism and assimilation process gets rolled, thereby boosting your health. One must drink an adequate amount of water to ease the digestion process and help the body function normally.

2. Helps to lubricate the joints

You must drink a proportionate amount of water to ensure that your joints stay lubricated. The cartilage that shells the joints have 80% water content. Consistent dehydration can lead to its reduction of shock-absorbing capacity resulting in joint pain and even reduction of the cartilage tissue.

3. Provides a cushion to the sensitive tissues

Did you know one of the most amazing benefits of drinking water is that it creates a cushion around your brain and spinal cord? One of its key functions is to assist in the production of neurotransmitters and hormones. When dehydrated, the production level is affected, thereby reducing the brain’s cognitive development. On the whole, this can have detrimental effects on your body.

4. Regulates the body temperature

You may already know that the body has a specific heat restraint. One of the awesome benefits of drinking water, among many, is – its capacity to moderate the body’s temperature. Water reduces the physical strain of the body and helps maintain a standard temperature, any disruption to which can lead to massive side effects.

awesome benefits of drinking water

5. Flushes out toxins from the body

After metabolism and assimilation – the next process is the excretion of toxic wastes from the body. If you do not consume the above-mentioned quantity of water, then that will immediately affect your bowel movements. Accumulation of toxic components in the body can lead to health complications. Therefore, you must drink water to flush out the toxic wastes from your body.

6. Delivers oxygen throughout the body

Lastly, you would be surprised to know that carrying oxygen throughout the body is another of the amazing benefits of drinking water. Well, for the record, blood is 90% water, and as it flows through the body, it carries embedded oxygen to different parts of the body. This keeps your body functions normal and exhales out the carbon content from the body.

If you have been reading this post well, you have seen for yourself how hydration sets the stage for achieving awesomeness in every walk of life. When your body receives the correct amount of water, it can function healthily and unlock your true potential.

Drink water, be awesome: How Our App Makes It Effortless?

This water alert app, with its precise layout, assists you in managing your water intake levels. Let us show you how precisely this app enhances your water drinking capacity and delivers to you some of the most amazing benefits of drinking water –

  • In this section, you will have to put in data like – your weight, age, gender, climate, and activity levels.
  • Based on the data, this formula-backed app calculates the precise amount of water your body requires. You can rely on that data or customize your water intake.
  • This page tracks your hydration level. As you know there are awesome benefits of drinking water, but too much is also not good.
  • Every time you take a sip, tap it, and your app notes how much water you drank. In this way, you can keep your count and note your hydration standards.
  • How much water have you been drinking for the last couple of months/weeks/or even yesterday? This app measures it for you and helps keep track.
  • If you wish to change your water consumption level, these stats will be helpful even then.
  • The profile section allows you to put in the specific data – from how much water you consumed to what is the ‘ideal’ cup size. Mark the same and keep track.
  • If you wish to follow the goals set up by the app – you can choose to follow the Standard or Interval reminder settings.
  • However, if you wish to do it by yourself – you can tailor it with the Custom Reminder settings.

Thus, on the whole, you can see for yourself how this app strengthens your water consumption levels and thereby contributes to building an ‘awesome’ you!

Track Your Progress Effortlessly and Celebrate Success

Now that you are completely aware of the awesome benefits of drinking water, you would perhaps wish to understand – why it is so crucial to track your water content. Also, how this water alert app will help you achieve it. We have the answers for you –

You are aware that as per the Watson formula, for a male body (3.7 litres of water) is required, while for the female body, the value stands at (2.7 litres). But did you know that drinking too much water or not having a minimum gap between your water drinking timings can be harmful to the body? Let us explain in detail –

If you do not track your water consumption levels, it can result in an electrolyte imbalance to the extent of water toxicity. The supposed symptoms could range from nausea and headache to even a comatose state! Hence, medical experts clearly state that one should limit their water intake to a maximum level of 13 cups!

Additionally, you must keep a minimum gap of 60-90 minutes between your water intake for the best benefits of drinking water. This will help your body balance the electrolyte levels and direct it in the correct manner.

It is here that the benefits of the water alert app come to the forefront! This helps you set a goal and also marks the amount of water you drink at every instance.

  • The Hydration Level chart shows you the amount of water you drank over time (as the alert rings, every time you take a sip, you mark it in the app) and how much more to go to reach the goal.
  • Also, it has Standard Reminder Settings that alert you to drink water at regular intervals.
  • Lastly, if you wish you can customize the water level according to your convenience.

You can download this app both on your Android and iPhone. Do leave your comments below about how this app benefitted you and share the link with others.


Water is truly the ultimate beverage that can elevate the standard of your life. Amongst the range of awesome benefits of drinking water comes its – direct involvement in improving the body’s physical and cognitive abilities. At the same time, it is essential to keep track of the amount of water you consume and that too within which time gap. Only when you follow these guidelines will this elixir provide you with maximum benefits. This Water Reminder App will help you embark on your water journey and assure you of a healthier life. Download the app now and track your water count.

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