don’t forget to drink water.

Don’t Forget To Drink! Water Keeps You In Sync

The summer months are around the corner! With that are countless reminders from your near and dear ones – don’t forget to drink water! It is no secret that this natural beverage plays a key role in keeping you hydrated. What’s more – compared to those ‘fancy fruit drinks’, this beverage does not load up on your calorie levels. It maintains the human body temperature, eases digestion, refreshes cell nutrients, and helps the body be in sync. There’s more to this drink. 

This post will outline the benefits of drinking water, some key signs of dehydration in your body, note down the factors determining the amount of water your body needs, and some easy tricks to stay hydrated all day

Note: Water, ranked second in necessity level to oxygen, comprises 50%-70% of one’s weight. Based on that average, the Institute Of Medicine (IOM) states the Adequate Intake (AI) of water as – 3.7 litres for men and 2.7 litres for women (daily). However, there are a couple of factors that determine this AI. 

The metrics are as per US standards. 

Why It’s Important to Drink Water and Stay Hydrated?

In this section, we will discuss the importance of water and how dehydration can affect your body. 

1. It Is The Key To Good Health 

You have been told multiple times to don’t forget to drink water and get sun rays. This is precisely because water is the elixir of life, the ultimate beverage for fantastic health. At the same time, Vitamin D (the key ingredient from the sun’s rays) is necessary for regular bodily functions. Thus, apart from the correct set of food, the right amount of water is equally crucial. It’s time you figure out ways to ensure you drink enough water. 

2. Water Helps Ease The Digestion Process 

It is a well-known fact that water helps in digestion. In the US, multiple studies showed close to 75% of the population suffered from chronic dehydration. They consumed only 2.5 cups (roughly 500-550 millilitres of water). This directly resulted in critical health issues, constipation being one of the most prominent (roughly 4 million people). Now you know why you have been warned time and again to don’t forget to drink water? 

3. Flushes Out The Toxins And Manages Weight 

Water is essential to flush out the toxins from your body, balance the fluid levels, and ensure you have a proportionate weight (controlled BMI level). Hence, multiple nutritionists advise you to don’t forget to drink water while you suffer from excessive weight gain. Additionally, this release of toxins from the body immediately brings a glow to your face.

You must have seen that after a heavy exercise session, you tend to sweat while your face glows. Well, that’s exactly how toxins are flushed out of the body (via sweat), and you get the radiance! 

4. Boosts Your Metabolism Levels 

Amongst a host of other reasons, this is another for which you have been asked repeatedly: don’t forget to drink water. Proportionate water levels assist in improving cell productivity. This productivity releases energy and improves the metabolism standards of the body. Hence, a hydrated individual is more energetic compared to their peers. The higher the metabolism levels, the more power they have and the higher their endurance limits. 

5. Improves Muscle Function 

For the unversed, water acts as a natural lubricant for your muscles, keeping it supple. It assists in synthesizing the essential nutrients for your muscles and alleviates muscle cramps. 

6. Betters Cognitive Clarity 

Why do you think teachers always scolded you, stating – don’t forget to drink enough water, or you will lag behind in class. The reason behind this is that brain cells are highly susceptible to high levels of dehydration. Therefore, your lack of water consumption dries out the brain cells, and your cognitive clarity deteriorates. This directly affects your memory and pushes you behind compared to a hydrated and healthy child. 

What Are The Signs Of Dehydration?

Ever wondered how often you have been told that – don’t forget to drink your water? Well, apart from negating all the benefits that are mentioned above, what matters the most is – dehydration. Medical studies have proven that lack of proper hydration can result in physical and mental issues, both in the short and long term. 

Let us discuss some of the most common signs of dehydration – 

  • Constipation to start with, followed by very dark-coloured urine.
  • Dryness in lips, mouth, and eyes. 
  •  Headache that results in dizziness. Even light-headedness is a significant side effect. 
  • Consistent tiredness in the body. 
  • Loss of appetite. This often leads to sudden cravings for sugar or processed foods. 
  • High heart rate and swollen body parts (especially feet).
  • Low blood pressure. 

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above or a couple of them, assuredly, you are dehydrated. It’s time for a quick sip! 

Why Should You Remember To Drink Water? 

  • Don’t Forget To Drink Water And Get Sun

You must have heard of the water cycle. You drink water and carry out regular activities under the sun. Your skin absorbs the sun’s rays (Vitamin D), cells increase productivity and become activated. This results in the release of toxins via sweating. Thus, your body gets rid of the germs and prepares itself to receive nutrition benefits. 

  • Don’t Forget To Drink Water To Improve Energy Level

Water is essential for enhancing metabolism levels in the body. When you drink the correct amount of water, the cell productivity improves. This releases toxins from the body, rejuvenates the body, and improves energy levels. 

  • Don’t Forget To Drink Water To Regulate Body Temperature

You must consume ample amounts of water to ensure that your body’s temperature remains standard. The correct proportion of water helps balance body fluid and maintain the average temperature. 

  • Don’t Forget To Drink Water For Good Digestion

The last of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on drinking water is to better your digestion process. Water helps absorb your food and combines with the digestive juices to ease digestion. In this way, it eliminates the toxins through your kidneys, giving you a refreshing feel. 

How Much Water Do You Need?

As it has been mentioned beforehand, the quantity of water one needs depends on a range of factors. To start with, the 8-glass routine is a good one. However, this will change according to your age, gender, and lifestyle choices. Also, as a lady, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your water consumption levels will vary. 

Let us give you a brief idea of the IOM recommendations – 

FOR KIDS  4-8 years: 5 cups 9-13 years: 7-8 cups14-18 years: 8-11 cups 
FOR ADULTS  Men: 13 cups Women: 9 cups 
FOR PREGNANT/BREASTFEEDING WOMEN  Pregnant women: 10 cups Breastfeeding women: 13 cups

These are merely suggested standards and can change according to medical demands. 

Additionally, don’t forget to drink water the moment you feel thirsty. When your body loses water and requires immediate replenishment, that’s when you feel thirsty. Hence, it is the climate of a place, the physical activity you are indulged in, your medical condition, and the general loss of water that determines your water content. For the record, on average, you lose 8-12 cups of water through sweating, evaporation, and urination. It would help if you replaced this as soon as possible to steer clear of dehydration.   

Some Tips For Staying Hydrated 

Here are some tips for those who need to be constantly reminded about don’t forget to drink water – 

  • Carry a marked water bottle. This will provide you with a cue about how much water you drink daily. You can alter your water intake accordingly. 
  • Just to keep boredom away, drink lemon water or flavoured low-calorie water. Multiple organic brands promote such products. In this way, you will enjoy drinking your favourite beverage.
  • Ditch that coffee and go for decaffeinated drinks. Coffee as a diuretic causes you to urinate more. 
  • At times, look out for fruits that have high water content. Include cucumber, lettuce, celery, grapes, watermelon, tomatoes, and broccoli in your diet. 
  • Opt for non-fat milk to stay hydrated longer. 

After you are done with all or most of these techniques, you can harness technology to your benefit. Check out the Daily Water Tracker Reminder App. This provides you with a daily reminder of the amount of water you have drank. Apart from the AI-generated standards given by the app, you can customize the settings to ensure your hydration demands are fulfilled. Tap the app and fix your hydration schedule anytime, anywhere. 


Assuming you have read this post well, you now know why your wellwishers would tell you – don’t forget to drink water. This beverage is truly the elixir of a healthy life. The multitude of functions that it has can give any other drink a run for their money. From easing digestion to keeping your joints supple, it has the cure for all! 

Having said that, if you are the forgetful one, one of the easy tricks to stay hydrated all day is to connect with a water minder app. This will allow you to fix your water intake level and tailor it according to your physical needs and demands. 


Q1. Is It Normal To Forget To Drink Water?

Absolutely! With an ever-changing and fast-paced lifestyle, it is quite common to forget having that glass of water. 

Q2. Does Drinking Water Before Eating Help You Eat Less?

Some studies show that when you drink water before a meal, it creates a sense of fullness in your body. Thus, you tend to eat less. This also assists in your weight management. So, doctors advise people with weight issues to drink water before a meal. 

Q3. How To Not Forget To Drink Water

Keep track of your water consumption with the Daily Water Tracker Reminder App. You can customize the app and set reminders to keep yourself updated. 

Q4. Why Do I Forget To Drink Water

Its an everyday affair to forget to drink water. However, you can now use the Daily Water Tracker Reminder App to measure your water intake. 

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