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Love Your Body, Drink More Water With Our Reminder App!

As an aware individual, you must know that close to 60-70% of your body is made of water. Additionally, your heart’s functioning depends on your hydration level. Being hydrated causes your body to pump more blood and maintain a stable heart (blood pressure). At the same time, being dehydrated causes you to deal with multiple heart conditions and directly affects your regular health. For those who wish to maintain a stable health condition in the long run, installing this water reminder app on their phone will assist them.

This post will elaborate on how staying hydrated is crucial for the heart and will also update you on how this app can regulate your water consumption levels in the long run. Let us give you a glimpse of the same –

How important is hydration for your heart health?

For starters, it is the key to heart health. As per the statistics provided, on average, an individual’s heart beats 72 times, and it pumps approximately 7600 litres of blood daily. To carry on this process normally, the human body requires a minimum of 60-65% water level. This water transports the blood through the vessels and reduces the chances of clot formation.

If your body is dehydrated, it will strain your heart muscles and affect your body’s proper functioning.

Let us explore a little more about the necessity of hydration for your heart –

1. The volume of blood pumped out is affected

The first of the body functions that will be affected due to dehydration is – the volume of blood pumped out. When your body lacks the right water levels, blood production significantly reduces. In that case, the heart muscles need to work more to pump out that much blood. The blood flow decreases, or the body gets tired after a short stretch of work.

Either way, it is not conducive to the body. To avoid such a scenario, it is better to stick to the routine framed by the water drink reminder app.

2. Increased chances of blood clot formation

When your body does not pump out the right amount of blood, or it works more to do the same, the chance of blood clot formation increases. Let us clear this out for you. To maintain the smooth flow of blood, a certain amount of it must be pumped out by the heart.

But, if that amount is reduced significantly (due to multiple issues), then the stream of blood flow is affected, and that results in clotting within the bloodstream. This, if not checked at the initial level, could mature into something as dangerous as a pulmonary embolism.

water drink reminder app

3. Electrolyte imbalance occurs

Another of the key side effects of dehydration is an electrolyte imbalance within the body. Minerals like potassium, magnesium, and sodium are crucial for maintaining the body’s overall fluid balance. When your body is dehydrated, these minerals are not circulated throughout, and that results in an electrolyte imbalance.

If not controlled at the right time, this could lead to a massive health problem. That is precisely where you would require a water reminder app to time your water consumption.

4. Your physical fitness is hampered

Lastly, when your heart is not pumping enough blood, and the chances of blood clot formation increase, your overall physical fitness gets affected. With a dehydrated body, issues like poor cognitive behaviour, cardiovascular problems, lethargy, and the emergence of chronic conditions (insomnia, depression, obesity, poor bone structure) increase significantly. That is precisely why medical professionals suggest you stack up your body with fluids throughout the day.

These are some of the reasons why you require a water reminder app to monitor your water consumption levels.

How will the water reminder app assist you?

We will give you a detailed outline of how this water drink reminder app can help you monitor your water consumption levels –

1. Its unique notification system will assist you

For the unversed, this app is backed by unique alarm settings that categorically serve your needs. The Standard Reminder Settings ensures that you get a curated table to map out your hydration needs. This implies when you put in your data; the app will inherently give you a standard water limit to maintain. In this way, you will consume ‘that amount’ of water at ‘specific times’ to keep your body’s hydration levels.

Apart from that, the Interval Reminder Settings and the Custom Reminder Settings help you tailor a water drinking regime for yourself that fits your time. You can even fit some healthy drinks into this schedule to maintain a balance.

All you have to do is tap the amount of water you drank onto this app to maintain a track record.

2. You can monitor your water levels in the long run

Do you know what makes this the best water reminder app? The fact that you can determine your total water consumption levels over a significant amount of time! With the inherent water sensor alert, you can mark out the amount of water consumed over 3-6 months.

This information will help you understand your water intake and figure out if that has any role to play in your current physical distress (if you are in one). It will also give you a detailed picture of your hydration levels for the last couple of months.

Worried about how to manage your hydration standards? You have the best water reminder app at your disposal to maintain your health!  Download the Water Reminders App from the Google Play store for your Android phones. You can also download them on your iOS.

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Some points to remember

Now that you are better aware of how this water drink reminder app can help you enhance your heart health, let us ensure you take care of some points –

  • Only having water is not enough. Especially in extreme temperature conditions, make it a point to back it up with – high water content fruits and vegetables like – watermelon, kiwis, cucumbers, and lettuces.
  • Are you too bored of consuming water only? You can create a routine to include green/chamomile tea, fruit juices, and milkshakes in your hydration regime.
  • For a healthy heart, limit your caffeine intake, cut down on your alcohol consumption levels, and limit packed/canned food to the bare minimum.
  • Lastly, get bi-annual/annual medical tests. Include ECG, BP levels, and vitamin profiling in those tests.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be assured that you will gain better health in the long run.

Parting thoughts

Whether you have an existing heart condition or not, you must always check its functioning. For the heart to function at its optimum, it requires a hydrated body. This water reminder app, thanks to its integrated features and assisted timer, helps notify you of the total amount of water you must consume. Additionally, it helps maintain the body’s balance of sodium and electrolyte levels, monitor its hydration conditions, and support overall well-being. The bottom line is that you require a hydrated body for a happy heart, and the app notifies you at the correct time.

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